At the heart of healthy eating are fruits and vegetables, and at the heart of our store you’ll find mountains of farm-fresh produce at amazing prices. Our selection also includes seasonal, specialty and bulk items, often from local or regional farms… all at prices that are ripe for the picking. No one offers better selection and pricing than Rio Ranch.


What makes for a great Meat Department? It’s the combination of quality sourcing, we are proud to offer only Choice grade product, variety, specialized butcher’s and outstanding valued. Most conventional supermarkets cut corners in one of these areas, but not Rio Ranch. We run out Meat department the way they should be, with you in mind. 

 Do you have any special events on these holidays? Try the variety of products we offer like stuffed turkey, glazed ham, marinated leg and stuffed loins, ready to bake and savor them with your loved ones. Rio Ranch exceed the Customers expectations. 


Where can you find a variety of products for your favorite home-made dishes? In the Bulk Deli department, not only do we offer high quality with a great flavor and freshness, we also carry a variety of different brands of Cheese, Creams, Hams and Chorizos for all our Rio Ranch Market customers. 

Come and try and we guarantee you will find what you look for to compliment your favorite dishes. 


Though our stores are not usually located near the harbor, our buyers sure are. Our seafood vendors rise before dawn each day to scour the freshest catch on both coasts, negotiate great prices, and rush it to our stores. Don’t let our modest-sized seafood case fool you: we offer a wide variety of top-selling fish for baking, grilling and sautéing, as well as a good mix of wild-caught and farm-raised specialties. Rio Ranch carries a diverse variety of shrimp and other shellfish. Many of our stores now offer FREE fish frying service. Come by and try the best seafood in town 


All Bakeries are managed with the upmost professionalism, talented and knowledgeable friendly staff around! Our bakery prepares a variety of breads on-site ovens all day long. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or any special occasion, our staff can help you pick the perfect cake. 


Come watch our tortilla factory in action. We cook our own corn and fry our chips fresh every day for a taste that’s hard to forget. We offer the freshest, most authentic tortillas anywhere in town. Other fresh tortilla products are available including: flour tortillas, whole-wheat tortillas, tostadas, and chips.


Full Service Mexican kitchen, featuring dozens of authentic Mexican favorites that are restaurant quality. Our Kitchen features dishes prepared from traditional ingredients. Dine in or take out, you can choose from some our favorite dishes, grilled chicken, carne asada, tamales, tacos, burritos and tortas. 


We are proud to offer you a great variety of delicious pizzas, baked at the time that you order to ensure freshness! We are the cheapest on the market without sacrificing the taste and quality of our products! Proudly in the style of Rio Ranch Market! 


Enjoy our delicious fresh waters, juices, ice scrapped fruits and cream, smoothies and fresh fruits, chopped and ready to enjoy. Want some special combination of fruits in your juice?Come with us and we will gladly do it for you in the area of our juices! 


Count on us for your Dairy/Deli needs, we offer a variety of Dairy products including Milk, Eggs, Meats and cheeses among others. Always Fresh, well stocked and rotated.


We maintain good quality products, so take advantage and shop at our frozen food section were we provide meals including Frozen Dinners, Fruits, Vegetables, Ice Cream, and more.



Come check out our wide variety of international and domestic Beers, Wines and Liquors. We carry a large selection of beverages at a low price that you can enjoy for any special occasion.


Come shop at our GM Department and find your everyday necessities. We have a range of products including household items, health and personal care needs, kitchen utensils, baby products and more at a very low price.


Rio Ranch Market provides a variety of products including traditional and international foods. Come check out our fully stocked aisles that we replenish constantly for all your household needs. You will always find everything you desire for your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacking needs. Our Team will always be available for any questions or concerns you may have.

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